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Diseny Meme

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 5, 2014, 11:25 PM

This one just felt the most "Disney" for me ^^'
Anyway, I saw one of my girlfriends here did this Meme and I was just so inspired! So here it is!

I saw this meme floating around on YouTube, so I decided to do it.

Pixar, theme park rides, TV shows, Marvel movies and any video games are not included, cause' that'd just make everything way too freakin' difficult

1. What is your favorite Disney movie?
Where do I begin? Okay my FAVORITE Disney movie has to be the Little Mermaid, I taught myself to work the VCR when i was a year and a half cause all I'd do is watch it over and over again. I still love  it even after I read the REAL version of this movie. However, as I gt older I have to add a few to that list:
Beauty and the Beast (because Bell is Awesome)
The Lion King (A childhood favorite and always will be!)
Treasure Planet (This helped me through a VERY emotional time in middle school)
Tangled, Brave, and Frozen (three of the best movies I've ever seen! They got all the charm of old disney and the tough heroines the past lacked!)
Fantasia (Technically not a movie but I love it regardless!)
Babes in Toyland (CLASSIC!)
Robin Hood (the one with the foxes. Its just awesome!)
Hocus Pocus (No idea this one was Disney, but Fav Halloween fic)

Yes i know this is a long list of favorite but SCREW THE RULES! THIS IS DISNEY! You honestly expect me to pick ONE?

2. Who is your favorite Disney heroine?
Elsa and Merrida and Mabel!
Elsai I can totally relate too, the feeling of having to isolate yourself and holding yourself back because of what you "have to do" when all you really wanna do is be creative and free.
Merrida I can totally see myself in, she's strong, bold, and adventurous and she's not afraid to do things her way! 
 Mabel Pines from Gravity Falls (The only reason I'll watch Disney channel) She's 12 but she's sweet, strong, colorful and unique and she's proud to be different and not afraid to be herself and stand up for herself, and I love that unlike "other lame" heroines she's not afraid to stand up to guys on what she believes in whether its her ex-boyfriend or her brother and Grunkle. I think we need more 12-year-old heroines like her!

3. Who is your favorite Disney hero?
Tough one, but I'd have to say Aladdin and Simba. There isn't a single person alive who can't relate to Aladdin and Simba I love his character development. I always found how ironic it was that if Scar never destroyed Simba's life, he never would've grown up to become the King he was meant to be. I love the irony og the villain representing who the hero might have become.
Also Lightning McQueen for the same reason and
Dipper Pines (also from Gravity Falls) He's mature smart and loves to read books and solve mysteries but he's got that subconsciousness to him that all 12-year old boys have, and I think we need more heroes like him. Like his sister I think he's a great role model.

4. Who is your favorite Disney sidekick?
Soos, from Gravity Falls: he's the big brother you always wanted: he's a man-child but he's always there when Dipper and Mabel need a friend or need some help when they need to sneak off into the woods but he's also the one who keeps them grounded and out of trouble.
Russel (Up) He is just the cutest kid ever and i LOVE how sweet he is, even when Mr. Fergison is snapping at him.

5. Who is your favorite Disney villain?
Wow...this one's tough...there is literally too many to count, but (stretches fingers) Let me see if I can try...
Scar, first real evil, It might be the history buff in me, and i know he was based off Clemance in Hamlot but to me he always seemed like Richard III or Cersie for GOT fans. In the Words of G.R.R. Martin "Someone who wants and craves power from the single belief that they DESERVE it, but who has NO idea how to use it"  this is my favorite type of villain: the "Richard III" , i think is is why i hate Aknadin in Yugioh too, he's the same type of character, They love their older brother but at the same time are jealous and envious of their position as king and the love and respect it gives them and they foolishly believe being King themselves will earn them the love and respect they crave so much they're willing to murder their brother and sacrifice their nephew to do it. The fact that Scar did this without even blinking...there's a special kind of evil to be able to do that.

Jafar...if you all remember my Critique of Aladdin on Broadway, you'll know i HATED how FLAT Jafar was. In the film Jafar is, for lack of a better word, evil, but at the same time he's not evil for evil's sakem, in many way's he's similar to Aladdin and Jasmine, he too feels trapped by his position and servitude to the Sultan and seeks freedom from this position, but the way he goes about it is pure evil, I mean he's willing to murder, abandon Aladdin force Jasmine to Marry him and whatever else to get what he wants and he doesn't care for the consequences

And i HAVE to add Hans: I'm assuming you've all seen Frozen but if not, I'll just say no matter HOW many times I watch that movie his true character just leaves me STUNNED! It astounds me how someone could wear such a mask . That takes a VERY special kind of villain.

I also wanna list Gaston, as an honorable mention, compared to these guys (see above) he's not AS evil, but he's still an arrogant, self-centered, possessive, manipulative prick who doesn't give a damn about anyone but himself, is a blood coward and  it was just RIDICULOUSLY low how he stabbed Beast after he spared him (shudder!) Beauty is only skin-deep indeed, Disney COULD NOT have created a better metaphor!

6. What is your favorite Disney couple?
Oh my God...Where do i START!!! Let me just say I've always been a firm believer in true love and as such i believe love is something that grows and build and is built on mutual trust, love and respect and a nice healthy does of chemistry. Both their personalities have to work together, beyond the "Love interest" thing: its a love that makes you want to be a better person.
That said i have to say my fav Disney couple is...(and i REALLY had to think about this) Flynn/Eugine and Rapunzel, like I said, they bring out the best in the other and I love how their personalities clash but meld together.

Hercules and Megara: As much as i HATE the mythological inaccuracy of the movie and Hades as the villain (he;s my fav Greek God)  I love these two, Hercules' innocent naviety and Meg's mature, experience just works so well and gives them both the freedom to find love again. It reminds me of Yami and Yugi a lot (Yami as Meg and Yugi as Hercules)

Honorable Mentions though: Todd and Vixy from the Fox and the Hound (cause its too sweet); Duchess and Thomas O'Maily (I love how their differences bring them together) and WALL-E and EVE, TELL me this one isn't cute and shows ANYONE is capable of learning what love is and finding it.

7. What is your favorite Disney dance scene?
Beauty and the Beast is definitely in the top three Its just so beautiful and romantic: if every there was a classic.

Second Fav: "Phony King of England" in Robin Hood, its just so fun and lively and I love the folk music! It was just such a fun and wonderful scene.

And Number one fav is probably Tangeled's village scene, it was just so magical and whimsical and just breathed emotion. I also loved the traditional music and dance steps  and how it ended with them in the other's arms. It was just so perfect!

8. What is your favorite Disney kiss?
Ironically, all my favorite "kiss" scenes where NEAR kisses, like the romantic build up is there only for it to be interrupted last minute...made this one REALLY hard.

But I think My fav kiss will have to be:  Belle and Prince Adam's kiss when he turns human again. There's just something so magical about it! Hell it was one of the moments that inspired Dragon's Rose

9. What is your favorite Disney family scene?

Two: the entire Brother Bear movie when i finally saw it and top is Definitely all the sisterly scenes between Elsa and Anna: they reminded me of me and my sister, she's Anna, tough, bold, and never afraid to take risks, and I'm Elsa who prefers her freedom and creative expression, and i know that if i ever froze the world and ran off I know she's come after me too.

10. What is your favorite Disney emotional scene?
Gotta break this down to emotional scene and saddest Scene:
Best Emotional scenes: When Rapunzel's parents launch the balloon. They didn't say a SINGLE world but that was easily the most heartbreaking emotional scene EVER!

Saddest Scenes:
The opening of Up, saddest scene in all of Disney. It still breaks my heart!
And the scene where Merrida and Eleanor argue and she rips her mom's tapestry and Eleanor destorys her bow, mostly cause right after they both break down and realize what they've done: that pulls at the heart strings.
But top one (well two cause they're both rough): when Tritan destroys Aria's grotto and in Treasure Planet when Jim is blamed for what happened to Mr arrow, and has a breakdown until Silver comfort him. I would literally skip these scenes when i watched these movies just to avoid watching them, that's how much it hurt to do so.

11. Who is your favorite Disney child?

Mabel and Dipper: they are 12 years old and ACT like it and are just such realistic and awesome characters, they resurrected my faith is Disney cartoons

12. Who is your favorite Disney animal?

Todd from the Fox in the Hound and the Cats of the Aristocats, no questions.

13. What is your favorite Disney song?

Oh God where do i start...I know it's a cliche but I gotta say my favorite is "Let it Go" when i first heard it, it was an much needed uplift and i still find myself singing it when I'm down.
Close seconds include: I see the Light (Tangled: one of the most beautifully romantic songs I've ever heard)
Reflection (Mulon--to this day Ming-Na Wen's full version of this song is the most hauntingly beautiful thing I've ever heard)
God Help the Outcasts (Hunchback of Notre Dame--this song has just so much meaning and speaks to the heart, cause its so true)
I Won't Say I'm in Love (Hercules--I LOVE this song, SO MUCH!)
Touch the Sky (Brave--This is just so me! I love it!)
I'm Still Here (Treasure Planet--Its just a great song!)
Proud of Your boy--(Aladdin, cut from the film, but it is such a beautiful heartfelt song, I really wish they added it to the movie)
Look Through My Eyes and Welcome to Out Family (Brother Bear Soundtrack), You'll Be in My Heart and Strangers Like Me (Tarzan)

14. What is your favorite Disney beautiful moment?

When Flynn cut Rapunzel's hair to save her and her tears resurrected him, I mean, it was so much like the Fairy Tale but had its own beautiful sadess.
Likewise when Rapunzel is reunited with her parents: it was just such an incredibly emotional scenes just given how realistic and beautiful it was: i almost cried! It was so beautiful

15. What is your favorite Disney ending?
The End to Angels in the Outfield: "Nough said.


S2Teennovelist's Profile Picture
The Hierophant who controls All!
United States
Been a while since I edited this one! This new pic was done by my friend MitzumiKare and I just ADORE it!!!

I am an artist and Fanfiction writer and A write of original novels and light novels, short stories and historical (sadly none of thm have been publishes--yet)
My Dream is to eb a Writer and a Librarian.
I am currently getting my Masters for Library Science

My Favorite Anime/Manag is Yugioh without a doubt.
My other favs include: Kyo Kara Maoh (which is WICKED AWESOME), Slayers, InuYasha, Black Bird, CardCaptor Sakura, Magic Knight Rayearth, Juvenile Orion and Ouran High School Host Club

So far I've only written stories for Yugioh cause I LOVE that you can do anything with the cast, but I do write a lot of crossovers. My favorite types of stories to write are the ones based on Fairy Tales and Yugioh.
I am OBSESSED with the original grimm and hans christen Anderson fairytale: give me the dark, and action stuff rather than the lame boring. life is perfect crap any day!

I also dabble in artwork a bit, but saldey i don't have as much time to as I should.


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